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  • Introduction

The Indian Triathlon Academy is a key project by the Indian Triathlon Federation to prepare Indian Triathletes for International competition.

The Tamil Nadu Triathlon Association, an affiliated State Association of the National Triathlon Federation, is the host of the Academy in Chennai.

  • Aim

The aim of the Indian Triathlon Academy is to prepare Indian Triathletes for International competition and achieve the goals as stated below.

  • Goals

The Goals of the Academy are:

Short Term Goals

1.    Establish Development Programs in a number of states

2.    Establish Talent Identification Programs

3.    Develop coaching & support infrastructure

4.    Establish a First Class Triathlon Training Facility

Long Term Goals ( 2003 - 2008)

1.    Qualification for the Olympic Games in 2008

2.    Medal at Asian Games in 2006

3.    Establish India as a leading Triathlon Nation in Asia

4.    Establish Indian athletes in Top 125 of World Rankings by 2006


1.    The Federation continues to have the support  of the Indian Olympic Association.  However priority sport status is sought for triathlon to grow and gain popularity.

2.    The Indian Triathlon Federation has bid to the Asian Triathlon Confederation and won the right to host the following events.
                a.    Asian Satellite Meet (Chennai) December 2001 (successfully hosted)
                b.    Asian Championships, Chennai, 2nd November 2003

3.    The Indian Triathlon Federation has appointed a National Coach, Mr. Brett Mace from Australia who arrived in Chennai on August 1, 2001.  Although the initial period of appointment was for 1 year, Mr. Mace has recently agreed to another term taking him through to December 2004.

 4.    Mr. Rob Pickard has been retained as a Hight Performance Consultant to follow on with his valuable contribution to date and is working closely with the Academy.

 5.    Initially 23 athletes were selected from all over India to join the Academy.  Since the commencement of the Academy a number of athletes have either left or have been asked to leave the Academy for a variety of reasons.  There are 7 athletes currently in residence, which is an ideal number.

6.    A fully equipped gym, with imported equipment has been installed at TNSRA Squash Academy at Nehru Park which is utilized by athletes and squash players.  The Indian Triathlon Academy is currently based at this Academy which includes and office, bicycle equipment room and other training facilities. A 6 Lane 25 metre pool is currently under Construction.

7.    An annual calendar, Long Term Development Plan, Budge, have all been prepared by the Federation with the help and guidance of the coach and consultant of the Federation.

8.    The Federation has managed to purchase and update the bicycles and related equipments to bring it to a satisfactory standard.

9.  An ambitious Overseas Training and Racing Program has commenced with athletes competing in Asia Cup Races since the inception of the Academy.  The Academy's first training overseas camp was held in Shoalhaven Heads, Australia between January - April 2003 and  February - March 2004 produced a number of successful results.

10. A team of professionals have developed the website - for the Federation.


The Indian Triathlon Academy is currently funded by:

1. Friends of Triathlon

All expenses of the Academy and the National Federation are funded by friends of Triathlon.

Though government funding is much needed, it is yet to happen.

The expenses include the following:-

  • The Indian Triathlon Academy in Chennai, which includes a foreign coach, all food, accommodation and training costs for all athletes.

  • All bikes and equipment required to ensure that athletes are able to complete at an International level.

  • Travel and accommodation for the national team to all international meets. The establishment and funding of Overseas Training Camps and Bases

  • Visits of specialists such as bicycle expert Frank Conceicao to ensure special equipment is maintained and functioning correctly.

  • Medicare and associated costs of all athletes at the Academy.

  • National championships along with travel expenses for all competitors to and from these events.

  • All administrative costs of the Indian Triathlon Federation and The Academy.


Due to the large distance between India and the greater percentage of International Races, along with the prohibitive cost of flying to and from India for these races, it will be important we establish 2 Overseas Training Bases.  This will give Academy athletes the chance to prepare properly for International events without the problems associated with constant long distance travel.

  • Australian Camp - We have established our base in Australia for the southern hemisphere summer from late January to April each year.  This camp will be based on the NSW South Coast at Shoalhaven Heads.  The aim will be to give Academy athletes the experience of week to week racing while working with other quality athletes and coaches to further develop their skills.  Juniors will attend this camp along with seniors with the specific purpose of developing and gaining experience for the future.  This program enjoys the support of the people of Shoalhaven Heads and the Shoalhaven Council.

This base will give Academy athletes easy access to many International events along with ideal training facilities not readily available in India.

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