National Triathlon Junior Development Camp, Chennai 12th – 24th July 2004.

The Indian National Triathlon Academy in Chennai, under the direction of National Triathlon Coach Mr. Brett Mace, recently conducted a National Junior Development Camp for 9 selected up and coming Junior Triathletes between the ages of 12-18 years.

An introduction to cycling at the National Junior Development Camp

The aim of the Camps is to introduce up and coming Junior Triathletes to the many aspects of Triathlon and over the next couple of years develop their all-round triathlon skills while still based in their home States.   The Academy will conduct 4 Camps per year and will allow the National Coach to monitor the fitness and development of the Development Squad members.

National Development Athletes undertaking open water swim training
just south of Mahablipuram

During these Camps, athletes undergo numerous time trials and fitness testing and while the Camp focuses more on swimming and running, athletes have an introduction to cycling to teach the basic skills.   Junior athletes were also introduced to “open water swimming” and for a number of them it was their first experience in sea swimming.   This component dealt mainly with the safety aspects of swimming in the sea and how to swim efficiently without “the black line” that many pool swimmers are accustomed to.

National Junior Development Athletes undertake the Introduction to Triathlon
Course as part of the National Camp in July

At this July Camp, Squad members undertook the “Introduction to Triathlon Course” which was developed by National Coach Brett Mace and High Performance Consultant Mr. Rob Pickard.

National Junior Development Squad (in red) with current Academy Athletes

This course is conducted over 3 days and contains numerous presentations and videos aimed at giving the participant an understanding of the structure and development of the sport, nutrition and injuries.  In addition there is useful advice on how to balance the 3 disciplines of Triathlon and how to structure a Program to ensure successful performance.   Participants are also introduced to the specialized clothing and equipment required for Triathlon and also how to prepare themselves and their equipment for competition and training.

National Triathlon Coach, Brett Mace explains important aspects of the cycle
at the National Development Camp

Development Squad Athletes also had the opportunity to mix with the current crop of the Triathlon Academy athletes and seek out their experiences from competing at the International level in Australia and at a number of Asian events and Championships.

Ocean Swim Training at the National Development Camp

Athletes for the Development Squad are selected from athletes between the ages of 12 – 18 years with relatively little Triathlon experience.  These athletes are selected from results at the National Junior Aquathlon Championships each year.    It is hoped over the following years after attending these Development Camps these athletes will, along with the Athletes currently at the Indian Triathlon Academy, go onto represent India at future International Competitions and lift the standing of Indian Triathlon not only in Asia but in the World.

Pooja from Gujarat tries the rollers for the 1st time under the watch of
the National Coach

Current Members of the National Junior Development Squad are:-

Amit Kharb
Subrat Kumar Sahoo
Gopal Krishna Naik
A. Mahendrajit Singh
Bankim Singh
Skanda R. Aswath

Navya G. Shenoy
Nayana Prakash
Pooja N. Chaurushi
Darga Sankalpa


Andhra Pradesh

The next Development Camp is scheduled for October.

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