The Indian Triathlon Federation and the Indian Triathlon Academy and its staff and athletes were fortunate enough to escape the devastation of the Tsunami that greatly affected many areas of Southern India, South Asia and South East Asia.

At the time most of our athletes were away from Chennai on leave, though for one of our Academy Athletes, P. Arun of Chennai it was lucky escape. Arun was on Marina Beach playing cricket at the time with friends when the Tsunami struck and he was fortunate enough to make a lucky escape and in doing so helped a number of others to safety.

Indian Triathletes in Chennai training amongst the Tsunami Damage

At our run and open water swim training locations just south of Chennai, residents were not as fortunate. There was extensive damage to a number of houses and unfortunately a loss of life. Photos of Academy athletes training in the area following the Tsunami highlight the damage to the area.

The Indian Triathlon and The Indian Triathlon Academy wish to thank all those friends who contacted us in the wake of the Tsunami for their kind wishes and their concern.

Kavya running amongst the damage caused by the Tsunami in Chennai

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