Indian Army Physical Trainers Introduction to Triathlon Course

In November 2003, the Indian Triathlon Academy through National Triathlon Coach, Mr. Brett Mace conducted an “Introduction to Triathlon Course” for 20 Physical Trainers from the Indian Army.

Afternoon Tea following the Introduction to Triathlon Course, The course held over 3 days from 24th – 26th November in Chennai, was aimed at providing Physical Training Instructors an overview of the sport of Triathlon and furthering their knowledge on the coaching, development and conduct of multi sport events and athletes.

Army Physical Training Instructors on completion of the Introduction to Triathlon Course

Subjects in this Course included:-

  • Triathlon Competition & Racing
  • Role of the Coach
  • Organising Coaching Sessions
  • Skill Development and Identification of Skill Levels
  • Planning a Training Year
  • Sports Injuries & Overtraining
  • Swimming Specifics
  • Cycling Specifics
  • Running Specifics
  • Balancing the 3 Disciplines
  • Nutrition
  • Event Management
  • Competition Rules

The Course concluded with a practical demonstration of managing an Aquathlon and was followed by an afternoon tea and presentation of certificates at the Officers Training Academy, Chennai.

Further courses will be conducted by the Indian Triathlon Academy in the future, but are also available on request for community or specific interest groups