To promote and excel at International competition, the ITF has designed multi sport races for various age groups. We recommends the organisers to conduct events with following categories so that the participants of the event can score ITF National Ranking points.

Triathlon Distance

Distance Swim Bike Run Min Age
Super Sprint 250M to 500M 6.5Km to 13Km 1.7Km to 3.5Km 10+
Sprint 750 M 20Km 5Km 16+
Standard Distance 1.5KM 40Km 10Km 19+

Duathlon Distance 

Distance Run Bike Run Min Age
Super Sprint 1Km to 3Km 5Km to 10Km 1Km 10+
Sprint 5KM 20Km 2.5Km 16+
Standard Distance 5Km to 10Km 30Km to 40Km 5Km 19+

Aquathlon Distance

Distance Run Swim Run Min Age
Super Sprint - 400M 1.5Km 10+
Sprint 2.5Km 750M 1.5Km 16+
Standard Distance 2.5Km 1Km 2.5Km 19+