Each Local Organizing Committee (LOC) that wishes to sanction an event with Indian Triathlon Federation (ITF) must follow the mentioned process. Write to harish@triathlonindia.com for any queries.

Submission of Event Info & Agreeing to ITF Protocols (at least 75 days before the start date)

  • The LOC shall submit the general details of event by completing the event info form (click here to download the event info)
  • Upon verification of event information, ITF will share the event protocol & sanction process agreement with LOC.
  • Upon receiving the protocol & sanction process agreement, ITF will provide a provisional sanction letter to the LOC.

Publishing Event Status

  • The ITF will promote the event by publishing on social media, notify its affiliated state units & ITF PIN members through mailers and encourage participation.
  • The ITF will also publish the event on the ITF website event calendar page with a micro event page.
  • 60 days before the event, the ITF will open registration for Triathlon / Duathlon / Aquathlon events with Super Sprint / Sprint / Olympic distance categories.

Submission of maps and documents (at least 45 days before the start date)

  • Set of maps of each leg of the course and the transition area displaying TO’s position, safety personnel, timing mat, loops, distance, aid stations and finish line.
  • If the event takes place on public roads, obtaining provisional acknowledgement from the local police stations is mandatory.
  • Detailed summary of safety arrangements planned for the event should be submitted

Withdrawal of Sanction

  • ITF at its absolute discretion, withdraw the sanction If the LOC does not submit the required information
  • The consequences of proceeding with an event after sanctioning approval has been withdrawn are:
    a. The event is no longer endorsed by ITF and the event and its details will be removed from the ITF website/ calendar.
    b. Entry fee will be refunded back to the participants.

Payments & Sanction Fees (at least 10 days before the start date)

  • Registration for the event will be closed on the ITF website and start list with bib numbers will be generated.
  • ITF Event sanction fee of Rs.10,000 will be deducted from the total athlete entry fees collected online and balance amount will be transferred to the LOC bank account.

Approval and Permissions

LOC shall share the following approval letters from

  • Relevant Police force and Relevant local government(s) for conduct of event and road/lane blocking

For more queries contact

Indian Triathlon Federation - Indiantriathlonfederation@gmail.com