Current Scenario

  • Event organizers are conducting events as per their knowledge, standard rules are not implemented, lacking knowledge.
  • Athletes are on their own, lacking information, not aware of the scope of the sport, Triathlon is more of recreational activity for many. The majority of the triathletes are into endurance events (ironman).
  • Majority of the World Triathlon certified TO and coaches are not active after obtaining certification as they lack financial support to be part of the World Triathlon events.

Our Goal

  • Have transparent and robust programs catering to athletes, officials, TO's including para-triathlon
  • Closely work with the sanctioned races and conduct multisport races across the country for various age groups/distances.
  • Make the best use of the certified resources for ITF activities and events.
  • Participate in major races (CWG, Asian Games, Asian Championship, etc.) in the next 2 years.
  • Ready for a podium finish at CWG 2026 and AG 2026

Annual events & Activities

  • Sanction races across the country and award points for participants (at least 15 events for athletes to participate)
  • Conduct National Duathlon, Aquathlon, and Triathlon Championships at a fixed period.
  • Provide 360-degree support to talented athletes for high performance during major championships.
  • Conduct World Triathlon TO and Coaching course at regular intervals
  • Support athletes to participate in Asia Cups and World Cups for improving continental/world rankings.

Our Pain Points

  • Lack of annual funding from the Govt to implement our ideas.
  • Triathlon brands are interested only in barter partnerships.
  • Event organizers not in sync with the federation’s vision/goal.
  • What do I need federation for? this is the mentality amongst major triathletes and event organizers.

How do we overcome our pain points and implement the annual events and activities?

  • We need to understand that it is not practically possible to raise huge funds in the coming months.
  • At the same time, we cannot sit idle as we do not have enough funds to implement annual events & activities.
  • I propose below a phase-wise event and activity plan for the next 12 months.

Phase 1 Plan

  1. Identify organizers around the country with their contact details.
  2. Partner with different Triathlon brands for long-term relationships (cycle brands, accessories brands, nutrition brands, sportswear brands, etc.) and offer their products to the participants and podium finishers.
  3. Partner with a medical insurance company and incorporate ITF PIN to cover injuries during ITF events.
  4. Partner with a sports science organization (preferable with pan India network) and conduct pre-race day work as a standard event activity.
  5. Replicate the World Triathlon rules as ITF race guidelines but wherever possible update it as per Indian conditions.
  6. Conceptualize a team race concept (not state or relay event) to create a snowball effect of interest - group of triathletes forms a team, qualifies as a team based on criteria, competes in a series of races, and the best teams qualify for grand final and crowned ITF Team Champions.
  7. Conceptualize ITF National Circuit and ITF Ranking system to increase participation by including different age groups, all 3 multi-sports events, and different distances.
  8. Create performance-based qualification criteria for Team India selection for CWG and AG 2022 participation and promote through influencers on social media.
  9. Create a plan to involve a TD (Federation representative) and certified TO’s on a rotational basis in the ITF sanctioned races. Simultaneously create qualification criteria to attend TO courses.
  10. Create a robust online system for event management - Event info, Entry, Payment collection, Start list, Reporting status, Timings/results, Mapping data with an athlete profile, and event analytics.
  11. Create an ITF PIN registration system for para triathletes and identify para coaching experts.
  12. Establish relationships and have an understanding with countries for international participation support.
  13. Understand various support offered by World Triathlon / Asian Triathlon for NF and top athletes and create transparent eligibility or criteria for availing the offer.
  14. Create an online ITF High-Performance Program (HPP) - a robust long-term program for top performers.
  15. Conceptualize and implement various robust revenue models for ITF to handle daily operations.

Phase 2 Plan

  1. Publicize the ITF National Circuit Race Sanction process on social media and mail all the event organizers and state units.
  2. Personally reach out to the organizer and explain the ITF National Circuit sanction and its benefits.
  3. Sanction races across the country and includes para events.
  4. ITF to conduct the multisport National Championship - Triathlon, Duathlon, and Aquathlon. Partner with an event organizer (someone who has conducted an ITF National circuit event) to handle the event arrangements and raise sponsorship.
  5. When an event is sanctioned, the appointed ITF TD closely works with the event organizer, so arrangements and rules are implemented during the event.
  6. Allocate Technical official (s) for sanctioned races.
  7. Promote selected World Triathlon continental cups on the ITF website and social media and encourage Indian participation. If there is financial support from WT / AT or ITF Partners, offer it to the deserving participants based on the criteria.

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