Indian Triathlon Federation (ITF) will follow the World Triathlon Competition Rules only as it is comprehensive and followed globally. Hence for all the Triathlon events, for all the categories conducted in India, the  World Triathlon Competition Rules will be applicable. For the benefit of participants to understand the Competition Rules of World Triathlon clearly, please follow the link

In the event of ITF making any changes or amendments to the said World Triathlon Competition Rules for any of its domestic events, the participants will be briefed well in advance in writing or verbally in the race briefing session before the start of the event, of such changes/amendments for the said particular event by the Technical Delegate (TD).

Given below are some of the General Information applicable for all ITF events


  • One Photo Identification (Driver’s License, Passport, or Government Issued ID)
  • You will not be able to pick up your race kit without ID and registration proof
  • Only the person registered can pick up their Race Kit at Registration.
  • It is illegal for someone else to compete under your name or for you to compete under someone else’s name.
  • If you do not register during the specified times you will not be eligible to race.


  • Your Race Bib Number is compulsory for the run leg only and is to be worn on the front of your run attire. The Race Bib can be secured via safety pins or athletes can use their own race belts. Do not fold, cut or alter your race number in any way.
  • You must have your helmet stickers on your helmet and sticker or bike seat post.
  • The Bike Seat Post Sticker must be attached to your bike prior to racking in transition area.


  • You must start the race with the swim cap provided to you on race.
  • If you are wearing an extra swim cap, ensure your official cap is on the outside. The extra swim cap must be unbranded.


  • Timing Chips must be worn on your LEFT ankle. If you do not start the race or pull out of the race for any reason you are to return the Timing Chip to the Technical Official of the event.
  • If your Timing Chip is not returned or is lost you will be charged Rs _____ for its replacement.
  • Timing results will include swim split, bike split, transitions and finish time – overall and category results.
  • If Timing Chips are not worn throughout the duration of the race, race results will not be available to that athlete.


  • A competitor may wear a speed suit at any time during an event.
  • Note that if a speed suit is worn, it MAY NOT be removed in transition and therefore must be worn for the duration of the event.


  • All competitors must wear the official swim cap that has been provided in the race kit. Swim cap colour indicates your category/distance.
  • Any other swim equipment is prohibited, including music players but not limited to compression socks. Do not discard the swim cap on the course. This is considered littering and will result in a penalty. It should be placed in transition with your gear.


  • Place your swim gear on the basket provided. Before you take your bike from the rack you must put your helmet on and fastened it.
  • Check if you are still wearing your timing chip before leaving transition. If your timing chip is missing please talk to a Technical Official within Transition.
  • Do not mount on to your bike until you cross the mount line.


  • Your helmet must remain securely fastened at all times while you are on the bike course. This includes any time you stop on the side of the road.
  • Keep as far to the RIGHT as possible at all times.
  • Pass other athletes only to their left and DO NOT cross the center line.
  • Athlete should mount and dismount their bike at the designated mounting and dismounting zone.
  • Athlete must at all time rack his/her own bike at his/her designated bike rack location and leave it in a stable position.
  • Athlete must not wear, use or carry items deemed to be a hazard to self or others.


  • Athletes may not run with a bare torso on any part of the run course.
  • Athletes must clearly display their race number on their front at all times on the run course.
  • A competitor must not wear, use or carry items deemed to be a hazard to self or others e.g hard cast, jewelry, glass/metal containers.
  • Athletes may not use any device that will distract them from paying full attention to their surroundings. This includes the use of mobile phones or other “smart” devices for the purposes of making calls, sending messages, or as a music player (with or without a headset)


  • World Triathlon Race Rules will be used and it is a “Draft Legal Event”. Ride on the RIGHT side of the bike lane.
  • Males cannot draft with Females and vise versa.


  • Although this is a draft-legal race you must still keep as far to the right of the road as is safe and practical.
  • If you fail to do so and you impede the progress of another athlete, you may be subject to a blocking penalty. You will be shown a Yellow Card and must do a stop and go penalty.


  • Blocking – Riding on the left side of an athlete without passing or riding on the left hand side of the bike lane when clear of other athletes (Yellow Card).
  • Illegal Pass– Passing on the Right (Yellow Card). Inter-Gender Riding – Males riding and drafting with females and vise versa (Yellow Card).
  • Littering – Discarding items, e.g. tires, bottles, gel wrappers etc., on any part of the course except within a designated littering zone (Yellow Card).
  • Helmet – Failing to have your chinstrap securely fastened when moving with your bike (Yellow Card). The Time Penalty for Drafting (Blue Card) is 1-minute stop. If you receive a second drafting penalty you will be disqualified. For all other violations (Yellow Card) the penalty is complete (two feet on the ground) stop and go.
  • Other infringements that may result in Disqualification are: Offensive and unsportsmanlike behavior. Outside assistance (from anyone other than a race official). Athletes may not use any devise that will distract them from paying full attention to their surroundings. This includes the use of mobile phones or other “smart” devices for the purposes of making calls, sending messages or music player (with or without a headset).

Violation Penalty - 10secs In Super sprint and Sprint distance and 15 secs for Standard distance races


Finish Line

  • Friends and family members, including children are not permitted in the finish chute so as not to interfere with other athletes.
  • Volunteers will be in the finish line to remove the Timing Chip and escort you to the recovery area (any unreturned timing chip will be charged for its replacement.

Bike Collection

  • Bike check out opens 30 minutes after the last runner leaves transition. 


  • Results confirmed by ITF Technical Delegate will be final and it will be posted on the ITF site be posted at the official site -

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