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In order of any athlete to qualify for the Olympic Games they must achieve one of two things.  They must either be ranked in the Top 125 of the ITU Rankings or win selection through their Regional Selection Race(1 place only).  Relying on gaining selection in the Regional Qualifier is extremely risky due to the nature of the sport (i.e. bike mishaps, sickness, injury etc.).  Therefore it is our intention to pursue a ranking in the top 125 to ensure selection


In 2006, triathlon will be one of the sports to be included in the Asian Games to be held in Doha / Qatar.  The Indian Triathlon Academy will develop a plan to ensure that athletes competing in these games make a very strong showing and a medal is gained from this meet.  This event will be major focus for the Academy in the years leading up to this event.  To support this plan, Academy athletes will significantly work towards a strong showing at Asian Championships each year as we attempt to become a leading triathlon nation in Asia.


The above rankings for International athletes are determined from points gained at World Cup Races, appointed ITU Points Races and World & Regional Championships.  To ensure that Indian athletes gain sufficient ranking points for Olympic Qualification, and gain valuable race experience, a full International Racing Schedule including a number of these events will be developed to meet these goals.


Triathlon is a demanding and grueling endurance sport with 3 disciplines, using most of the body at a hig intensity and as such has a injury rate.  It is important that a Sports Medicine Program is in place to ensure that Academy athletes are able to train and race at the intensity required to meet the goals of the Academy.

Further to this, triathlon is an expensive sport requiring good bicyles that need constant servicing and replacement of parts by well-trained specialists to ensure good performances.  The Academy will develop a program not only to ensure specialists are available to perform these tasks, but also train local personnel to carry out these tasks.

There are also a number of other products required, such as running gear, training aids and nutritional products, to meet the goals and complete on par with other International athletes who have ready access to these products.  A plan to have easy, inexpensive access to these products will be initiated.


Due to the large distance between India and the greater percentage of International Races, along with the prohibitive cost of flying to and from India for these races, it will be important to establish 2 overseas Training Bases.  This will give Academy athletes the opportunity to prepare properly for International events without the problems associated with constant long distance travel.  It is anticipated that bases will be established in Australia for the southern hemisphere summer and calendar of events and another in Canada for the northern hemisphere summer competition.  Both of these bases will give Academy athletes easy to many International events along with ideal training facilities not readily available in India.


For any Elite Athlete Program to be successful, the recruitment and development of talented athletes is crucial.  Currently a program of Aquathlon Events is conducted to identify talent and offer scholarships at the Indian Triathlon Academy.  A Talent Identification Program run through schools is required to identify talent between the ages of 10 -14.  Following this, a program run by the Indian Triathlon Academy but administered by State Coaches and Administrators must be initiated to nurture this talent until the athlete is selected into the National Triathlon Academy.

As the athletes in residence at the Indian Triathlon Academy need to dedicate themselves to full time training, it is important that a program is developed to ensure that athletes once selected in the Academy are either able to pursue and continue their education or receive training while residing at the Academy.  This will ensure that will have good employment prospects once their athletic careers are over.

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